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Best House Project can offer design renderings in both 2d and 3d. Customers are engaged throughout the consultative design experience.


Bathroom Remodels


Bathrooms are our favorite type of project! We specialize in Custom Tile Showers and Custom Vanities. There are several key factors that set Best House Project on top when considering Bathroom Remodel.


1. Detailed Estimates:

When you receive an estimate from Best House Project; it won’t be a single-line lump sum price. You will receive a detailed quote with itemizations, so you’ll have a better understanding of where the dollars are in the project. This way, you can make the best decisions.


2. Quality:

Good enough never really is. That’s why at Best House Project, we’re always looking at ways to do it the BEST. Regardless of what phase of your project is in, Best House quality stands above the rest.


3. Flexible Purchasing:

When purchasing finishes, sometimes it gets difficult when everything has to go through the contractor. At Best House, we’re both flexible and helpful when buying materials. You’ll have the option to use your own vendors to make your purchases along with the advantage of using our trusted partners. 


4. Custom Vanities

Can’t find a bathroom cabinet you like? Have a unique vanity size? Do you just want something very unique? No problem. Best House can construct a custom piece to your liking.

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